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Top tips for winter – commercial heating and plumbing

Top Tips for winter plumbing Irrespective of the size of your commerical premises, office building or home the following tips may help you reduce the risk of plumbing emergencies and could save unnecessary expense and distress. Find out where the stop valve(s) are located on the incoming water supply mains and clearly label it so

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Commercial boiler maintenance – how to avoid boiler breakdowns!

Commercial boiler maintenance and repairs. Although we are coming to the end of summer, we hope that September will continue to give us a much needed boost of sun and warmth before we face the onset of Autumn and Winter. Businesses will be turning their heating systems on for the first time after a long

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How to reduce your energy bills using a thermostat for central heating?

Millions of homes are not using simple room thermostats to control their boiler.  What affect does this have on the consumer? Increased energy bills, inefficient heating systems and wasted energy. The last few years have seen massive strides in the development of renewable technologies – solar panels, heat pumps; advances in heating controls and homeowners

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