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Commercial heating and plumbing maintenance services. How to ensure best practice.

One thing that sets Aquatech Services apart from other service providers is the quality of its commercial heating and plumbing maintenance services and installations and the reputation it has built up by having long term customer relationships. The business is founded on establishing an excellent reputation by word of mouth and as an organisation committed

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Top tips for winter – commercial heating and plumbing

Top Tips for winter plumbing Irrespective of the size of your commerical premises, office building or home the following tips may help you reduce the risk of plumbing emergencies and could save unnecessary expense and distress. Find out where the stop valve(s) are located on the incoming water supply mains and clearly label it so

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Thermostatic Mixing Valves. Why having a bath can scald you!

A staggering 63 people have died from bath-time scalding and a further 1,124 people have been admitted to hospital with severe burns. More recently, a two year old was killed after suffering burns which then turned septic after her mother failed to seek medical attention. The toddler had been held under hot water reported to

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