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How to reduce your energy bills using a thermostat for central heating?

Millions of homes are not using simple room thermostats to control their boiler.  What affect does this have on the consumer? Increased energy bills, inefficient heating systems and wasted energy. The last few years have seen massive strides in the development of renewable technologies – solar panels, heat pumps; advances in heating controls and homeowners

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How to manage the temperature of your home?

The winter of 2011 was one of the coldest on records and heating bills reached an all time high. Customers and Consumers often ask our Installers and engineers “what is the best way to keep my house warm without rocketing heating bills?” Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. When it is very

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Aquatech Services – New Website

Aquatech Services Limited are specialists in the provision of heating and plumbing services and relaunched their new website in December 2011. Whilst the corporate livery remains the same the new website has been designed to reflect the changing requirements of our customers. The website is designed to offer an insight into every aspect of heating,

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