Commercial heating and plumbing maintenance services. How to ensure best practice.

Having an excellent reputation is based on trust and expertise backed up service delivery.

One thing that sets Aquatech Services apart from other service providers is the quality of its commercial heating and plumbing maintenance services and installations and the reputation it has built up by having long term customer relationships.

The business is founded on establishing an excellent reputation by word of mouth and as an organisation committed to quality Aquatech employs a best practice policy.

What does that mean?

Recent trends and customer acquisition demonstrates that customers are prepared to search on the Internet and undertake detailed research prior to selecting a heating and maintenance company.

This research involves vetting installers, comparing brands and doing price comparisons and as customers become increasingly knowledgeable it is essential that heating and plumbing companies provide the highest level of service and installation.

Price is still a key issue and often the determining factor in choosing the supplier.

Being able to offer reliable, expert advice is what creates a long term trusting business and working relationship. It’s that trust and advice that is the foundation for repeat business.

That’s why it’s important to follow best practice and offer solutions that are suitable for the customer and will save them money on heating and energy bills.

Best practice means providing a complete service and offering the right solution for problems encountered.

But this can only be done when trust has developed over a period of time.

The key is building long-term relationships with customers by offering complementary services and promoting ancillary products that will maintain and improve system performance.

It means keeping up to date with the latest technology, undergoing relevant manufacturers training courses and updating current skills and qualifications.

Today’s boilers are more efficient but narrow waterways make them vulnerable to the affects of magnetite sludge and the importance of flushing the system with chemicals and installing a quality filter every time a new boiler is installed is best practice.

Particularly as the boiler manufacturers are making it a prerequisite to ensure longer boiler guarantees.

There will always be the customer who has a budget cap or competitors who offer cheaper prices but at the detriment of quality of installation and product.

Sticking to the best practice approach of giving expert advice such as system flushing and the use of chemical inhibitors, the recommendations of a system/boiler as an essential part of the installation may help in the customer’s decision-making process.

What happens next?

Aquatech Services provide commercial heating and plumbing services contracts. For more information call us on: 0845 057 3969

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