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Storing water can lead to legionella. Here’s how!

The HSE approved code and practice for the control of legionella bacteria in water systems highlights the maintenance required to keep a stored hot water system free of legionella. Maintenance of these systems involves time, expense and the adoption and adherence to strict guidelines. Stored hot water systems provide an increased risk of legionella particular

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How to implement a water treatment program? – Legionella Risk Assessment

Water treatment services have long been considered a necessary evil like household insurance you know you have to have it to be protected but you are reluctant to pay for it; the likelihood of anything happening is well.. unlikely (you hope) However it is a legal requirement for Schools, Hospitals, Companies, Industrial and Commercial premises;

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Aquatech Services – New Website

Aquatech Services Limited are specialists in the provision of heating and plumbing services and relaunched their new website in December 2011. Whilst the corporate livery remains the same the new website has been designed to reflect the changing requirements of our customers. The website is designed to offer an insight into every aspect of heating,

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