Top tips for increasing boiler reliability and maintenance.

It’s no surprise that risk adverse business owners of commercial properties and premises have become savvier when it comes to boiler installation and servicing.

Potterton commercial boiler

Regular boiler servicing coupled with a service contract will ensure your commercial boilers operate at maximum efficiency.

Reliability and longevity are the most important part of the process when investing undergoing installation and replacement of old boilers.

Ensuring the right boiler(s) are correctly specified for your building or industrial premises are key along with siting maintenance and demand profile.

For most Hospitals, buildings or company premises it is one of the most sizeable investments they will be making and therefore critical that the boilers fitted are maximised fully.

This can be done with the right care and an effective on-going maintenance programme which will ensure savings on fuel bills, emergency call outs and early replacements.

Inefficient boilers work harder to provide the level of warmth needed in a building because they are less efficient.

Inefficiencies within the system can lead to wear and tear.

Combustion management technology means that the boiler will operate at maximum efficiency all the time reducing fuel bills and increasing the longevity of the appliance(s).

One of the biggest issues facing Schools, Care Homes and Commercial Offices is that after a long period of inactivity during the summer months and especially if the boilers are ageing is their susceptibility to breakdown due to long periods of non-use.

Keeping boilers active throughout the year and switching them on for short periods will ensure they are functional and will operate when the cold weather arrives.

Regular servicing is crucial and an annual service of the appliances will keep the boiler in good working condition and operating at optimum performance.

It is also very important that regular servicing is scheduled as a faulty boiler can result in carbon monoxide gas escaping if not checked properly. Having a CO alarm fitted to the boilers is an additional precautionary measure.

If the boiler is very old its likely that the radiators and pipes are the same age and in some cases older pipework and radiators maybe badly damaged due to debris build-up and corrosion.

Clearing the debris out of the pipework and radiators by means of a power flush will remove the debris from the contaminated system water by adding a chemical inhibitor which will protect the system from further build up and corrosion.

Contaminants that enter the boiler will decrease the efficiency of the boiler and ultimately cause failure and system breakdown.

Installation of an incline system magnetic filter can help protect the boiler and system pipework from debris build up.

Using a quality system filter alongside chemical water treatment is also a good way to ensure reliability and longevity of the boiler and system.

Finally, thermostatic controls can make all the difference by maximising fuel efficiency in a building and maintaining comfort levels throughout.

Controls not only save money by controlling when and for how long the heating remains on for, but ensures the boiler operates at its optimum level resulting in less cycling and reduced energy usage.

Aquatech Services provide reliable heating, plumbing and maintenance service contracts for commercial, offices, education, industrial and hospital premises. If you want to make sure your heating systems are operating efficiently then call and one of our advisors will help you.

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