Top tips to ensure your boiler doesn’t break down!

We’ve been lucky this year relatively speaking with mild winter weather!

Not surprisingly, commercial boiler repairs and servicing is very low on the list of priorities for most companies. hamworthy gas boilers

Traditionally January and February sees us in the middle of boiler breakdown season and with breakdowns, consumers and companies alike tend to spend the least amount possible on getting it fixed!

Last winter was a case in point where commercial and domestic boilers had been seriously neglected by not being properly maintained and serviced leaving companies and domestic consumers without water and heating for a few days until such times as an engineer could either repair the broken down boiler or worst still, waiting for the necessary parts to fix the boiler!

Its understandable why companies are reluctant to spend the money on boiler servicing; it is perceived as one of those necessary evils where money can be better spent elsewhere;  preferable not at all!

Servicing and maintenance is money well spent at the very least it hi-lights potential problems prior to the on-slaught of winter and aids the company by making them aware of the need to budget properly for a possible boiler replacement strategy.

The challenge is to ensure that Companies invest money in keeping their appliances regularly serviced and not wasting money on outdated appliances that are beyond their usefulness.

Most companies will pay for an engineer to stay for as long as it takes to get fixed even if the boiler is long past its efficient working shelf life.

In the middle of a crisis where a School building or company premises has no water or heating the last thing they want to hear is the boiler really needs replacing and that they are throwing good money away fixing it as invariably this is only a temporary fix and is not a long term solution to resolving the problem.

But the fact remains that too many consumers and companies simply overlook the importance of regular boiler maintenance prior to the winter season.

Faced with a breakdown, clients are resistant to a practical common sense approach to fixing the problem in the longer term. Although at the time a repair may be the appropriate course of action the overall condition of the boiler and system itself needs to be assessed. If it is a very old boiler then it makes good economic sense to change it; the system may also need to be reviewed as well in lieu of a boiler change.

A company may recoil at the implication of this but if you factor in the costs of call outs, parts, temporary fixes the charges quickly spiral whereas a replacement boiler will not only give them peace of mind but will also give long lasting benefits in the form of lower heating bills and on going running costs.


Despite explaining the benefits of regular servicing and replacement, some companies will still opt for the cheapest option or; bury their heads in the sand hoping that the last repair will hold!

To avoid boiler breakdowns and to set up a regular maintenance schedule call Aquatech Services, Gas Safe Registered Engineers.