Thermostatic mixing valves – How to avoid scalding in the bath!

Non installation of thermostatic mixing valves accounts for approximately twenty deaths and almost six hundred serious scald related injuries every year, caused by scalding hot water in the bath.
Scalding occurs because water is stored at high temperature to limit the growth of the legionella bacteria. Hot water needs to be stored at 60°c or above and scalding becomes a major problem when water reaches the tap at this temperature which can result in third degree burns within five seconds.

Installing TMV’s ensures that at the point of delivery, hot water is at the desired bath temperature.

Peoples sensitivities vary greatly by age so babies, children and the elderly can be severely affected by extreme temperatures.
That’s why it’s imperative that the use of thermostatic taps and thermostatic mixing valves (TMV’s) are installed. Greater emphasis on installing TMV’s in public buildings such as Schools, Hospitals and Care Homes make it an absolute pre-requisite to ensure anti-scalding.
Although Part G of the building regulations states that all new build homes must have TMV’s fitted to limit the temperature of the water to 48°c it doesn’t cover refurbishments which means that many new bathrooms are not protecting against scalding hazards.
TMV’s allow water to be stored at a high enough temperature to kill the harmful legionella bacteria but reduce it to a safe temperature at the point of delivery by mixing it with cold water.
A really important feature of a TMV is that irrespective of the water pressure dropping or fluctuating due to other appliances being used the TMV maintains the preset safe temperature. It will also shut down the flow if the cold or hot water should fail.
TMV’s are designed to suit all types of plumbing systems and can be fitted on to existing ones. This means that homeowners, Schools and Hospitals don’t necessarily have to have a complete re-fit.

Installing TMV’s in public buildings, Educational Establishments, Hospitals and Care Homes ensures anti-scalding!

Many of today’s thermostatically controlled products combine safety and style and many also feature a temperature stop so that the temperature will not go beyond 38°c this is 10°c lower than the recommended 48°c maximum for adults.
There are also products that include cool to touch surface temperature showers and taps. Such is the availability of innovative new products and designs there doesn’t have to be a compromise in the design of a bathroom.
Additional safety features do not come at a high price either as there are many thermostatically controlled taps, mixers and bath shower mixers which are competitively priced and will be in keeping with the style and design you have chosen without compromising the safety of the elderly or young children.
The biggest hurdle for the installer to overcome is having the ability to communicate the importance of why TMV’s should be fitted when a refurbishment project is undertaken.
Without it being perceived by the homeowner, School, Hospital or Care Home that they are being ripped off by the installer. The benefits of having thermostatically controlled valves installed offers peace of mind and safety for the users without compromising on price or appearance.

TMV Maintenance – once installed TMV’s should be checked every six months to ensure they safely shut down the hot water. This procedure is called failsafe testing.

Aquatech Services provide this service for many schools and hospitals both in the public and private sector.

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