How To Service Your Boiler Regularly? Boiler Servicing.

Boiler breakdown season?

Commercial or domestic boilers all have one thing in common they need regular servicing. You wouldn’t buy a car that hadn’t been serviced regularly or not had its brakes checked?

Well the same principle applies to having your boiler serviced! To put it simply, a boiler that hasn’t been serviced can KILL YOU!

Moreover, it can break down when you need it the most!

Between November and February supposedly the coldest time of the year our boilers are on maximum as they work hard to warm us and our homes. When a breakdown happens it’s very tempting to cut our costs and get any repairs or maintenance done as cheaply as possible. There are a lot more breakdowns at this time of the year; invariably commercial businesses and domestic consumers are obliged to sit it out until a gas engineer comes out to fix the boiler!

What happens when the boiler is well past its sell by date and is costing more money to run?

Of course you may not know it until an engineer advises you. Breakdowns are evidence that your boiler is no longer operating efficiently this happens because of the irregularity of the boiler maintenance/servicing and its likely that the the boiler is an old non-condensing appliance.

Customers frequently want us to fix the problem and restore heating and water as soon as possible understandably. An assessment of the overall condition of the boiler and system can hi-light inefficiencies so when the suggestion to replace the boilers/system is mentioned it can be met with a blank stare and a retort that tells you to get it fixed ASAP!

But this is FALSE ECONOMY!photo for commercial plumbing

Repairs will temporarily mask what will eventually be a long drawn out and costly process in repairs and part changes.

Changing the boiler and upgrading the system will involve cost in the short-term but will offer significant economy longer term and will save the business or the domestic owner more heart break and money! The customer will benefit from lower heating bills and a constant supply of heat and water!

Sadly, there are too many customers who will opt for the cheapest option of a quick fix it repair on a boiler that is out dated and will continue to run inefficient boiler systems racking up huge repair and maintenance costs each year!

Moving from a non condensing boiler to a high efficiency condensing boiler will save money!

The service company you select to maintain your boilers must be gas safe registered engineers and be knowledgeable to offer clear, impartial advice on your boiler maintenance.

Do you need boiler maintenance and servicing?

At Aquatech Services; our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and compliant with up to date qualifications and certifications.

We provide a range of servicing and maintenance contracts tailored specifically to your system needs.

For all your commercial, heating and plumbing requirements call us! 

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