Construction and Refurbishiments

Aquatech regularly undertakes contracts valued in excess of £1 million with projects in construction, maintenance and major refurbishments.

The Company works to retain the best traditional values whilst embracing a modern and systematic approach.

Working in conjunction with our architect and engineering consultant we are able to offer assistance on all aspects of planning, building regulations, design and development irrespective of the size of the project.

Aquatech employs a highly skilled workforce and is able to retain full control of resources avoiding reliance on short-term labour. Sub contractors understand the quality and values that are required to go into a project ensuring consistency and excellence.

Working within the private sector; emphasis is on projects where particular care and professionalism are required.

Projects undertaken include new construction and refurbishment in Hospitals, Schools and Public Buildings.

The company can fulfil similar works for smaller projects and any type of repair or maintenance.